We’ve moved in! A summary …

After many long months, we did it. On April 13, Friday the 13th, just to tempt fate we had the movers bring our things to our new house.
The past two weeks, we have been fighting boxes, wrapping/packing blankets, bags of shreds, bubble wrap and other assorted packing materials. All in all, most things survived the trip. GrandmaLa’s rocking chair was broken by the packers in San Antonio, one of the rockers broke off, punching a hole in Lauren’s crib’s mattress support. Both things are fixable. I found 3 items so far that were either broken entirely or a spot of glue could fix. Some of the finishes on the furniture have been worn. This will just make me do the refinishing sooner!

The 15th or the 16th, the final grading around the house was done, topsoil was delivered and spread, and the driveway put in last fall was extended to the “grandfathered in” western driveway. This way we can drive the 5er from under the lean-to without backing up, around the back side of the house and up to the road. So much fun. Also, on the south side of the house, where we have porches and more porches, we had the guys place small boulders (large rocks?) along two sides of the porch instead of steps. I love this more natural look.

The topsoil came from a small town in northern Arkansas, and it is pretty heavy. We got the front yard seeded and “strawed” before the rains came. Luckily, it was several days of an easy rain. Over a 3 day period, I think we only got about 1.5 inches. So, our seeds and topsoil didn’t flow away!

This past week, we’ve moved almost everything entirely from the 5er, opened more boxes and made the guest room livable. I even found and rewashed the sheets! The guest bathroom is almost operational – we just need to install the shower curtain and we are good to go. We moved the WeBoost from the 5er, too. It is temporarily installed upstairs, with the wire running from one end of the house where the internal antenna is all the way to the other end connecting to the external antenna, to catch what cellular signal there is outside, amplify it and project it down to us downstairs. I sometimes have a signal. Bryan always does. For those in the know – call me on the land-line. I never thought I’d have another one of those! But, it came cheap with the WIFI. So, there ya go.

Now to the fun stuff!

We woke up to a terrible thumbing and pounding. Seriously, it got us out of bed in the middle of the night, thinking someone was trying to steal the 5er! No one was there, and it quieted down. So we went back to bed. After we got up for the day, we heard it again, and the sound was upstairs! I ran upstairs and looked and looked. But I couldn’t see anything amiss. I was thinking, “Rat? Racoon? Possum? In the attic? How… I need to call the pest guy…”  Then the sound happened again – it was coming from the bathroom. Bryan found Morwyn in the guest bathroom cabinet. She can get in, but she cannot get out. Silly cat.

Bryan and I raked and hoed the backyard dirt to loosen it back up to plant grass seed tomorrow. After almost a weeks worth of light rain, it was pretty beat down. Bryan decided to get his DR trimmer out and do some minor mowing.  (Ha-Ha) Check it out…

Bryan mowing the path on the observatory knoll, south of the house. By the time I called him in, this path was 3x this wide!

While I was finishing up with the dirt work, he did this and more. I actually had to get him inside before hunger and heat stroke took him! I think he was lost in the zen of mowing.

I captured some more images of the assorted wildflowers and the amazing views. Enjoy!


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