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To be more specific . . .

I have always loved making portraits. As a young child I drew people constantly. I filled every scrap of paper I could find with studies of eyes, noses, mouths. Studies of anatomy, studies of line expression, all feeding my artists soul. My career took an abrupt turn when I went into graphic design and I put down my trusty graphite stick. Add in one more abrupt turn, when I switched to another form of communication arts: editorial photography. My management at USAA didn’t know there was a difference between editorial, product and portrait photography. So, I had to learn all different lighting scenarios/styles and technologies. (It was one of those situations of “other duties as assigned”.) I appreciated their patience as I learned, experimented, and learned some more. In 2004, I achieved a status that not many could: Certified Professional Photographer, Portraiture. I so enjoyed getting to know the subjects of my editorial portraiture, and really felt pride when so many of my colleagues complimented the work I was producing. The collaboration between subject and photographer was something I took very seriously and strived to bring the story being told to life.

I considered what my path was to that point and thought,

“well here I am again, making portraits. With a different tool set, but really, I am making portraits and supporting myself.”

When I left USAA, I struggled with the “supporting myself” AND sticking only to portraits. So, I took on other types of photography. Imagine my happiness when I started to develop contemporary beauty portraiture this past summer. Not only did I have a path again, doing work that inspired me everyday. The collaboration that I shared with each of my (limited) beauties was real, and exhilarating. I was creating custom fine art photographic portraiture that very few could. My artist soul was again being fed. The business of that style is a tough one, and not many understood that it is actually the original business model of portrait photography. In today’s immediate-gratification-digital world, this became a constant need for education and more communication. (For both myself and my clients.)
As some of you already know, SnowPro is slowing down purposefully. We have had some family obligations come up, as well as future plans that are not in the Alamo City. Both of these situations combined, have made me realize that I cannot continue to everything. I am winding down all portraiture, commercial & editorial work. I have a few more appointments “on the books” and will continue to service my current book of clients but will no longer be taking on new clients.
We will still offer fine art Placescapes, Landscapes and other types for your enjoyment. This is a more solitary type of work, but is just as fulfilling. Bryan is currently working on some incredible Fine Artscapes of Rome that he will be releasing soon. Be sure to check out our current offerings in our shop.

This doesn’t mean I am going away (yet).

Be sure to reach out, send me a note, a letter, an email. No really, I am asking you to remember me. It will make transitioning to this next chapter so much easier!

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