The summer of 2018

May came and went. It was a whirlwind. June came in lazy as a summer day and things really slowed down. I had been trying to get my stupid lawn to grow (we seeded in April) and we watered a bunch. But really, to no avail. Turns out, up here, you have to seed a yard in the fall. So, I had to wait. I really mowed my weeds a lot, and the areas that I didn’t seed, I simply mowed, those areas look pretty darned good. So, I’ve decided not to sweat it too much. Its a marathon, not a sprint!

We had our builder pour the footing and build the platform for the observatory in July & August. Bryan has gone back and forth on the design of the building. The wall will be in two parts, one stationary with a rotating section on top of that. The stationary wall with a rotating half wall and roof on that. The door getting into the observatory will be tricky, as it will be only 4′ tall. I told him we were going to need some of those special cakes from Alice in Wonderland.  All of August we (mostly he) laminated a ring that will support the rotating wall and we ordered supplies and the industrial casters. When I wasn’t helping Bryan, I kept picking up rocks.

Early summer brought a lot of rain (not enough, though) and all my topsoil flowed down the hill. I realized that using these rocks, I could build temporary retaining walls (or Swails) that would hold the dirt in place until I got something to grow in the lawn. July, we went to get some composted stall dressings and I spread that across our backyard to try to build it back up from the erosion. We also decided it would be best to do a clover yard because that would be faster and easier on the environment, its pretty and it doesn’t take a lot of care. I’ll introduce fescue into the clover next year. I have really fond memories of picking the clover flowers from my grandmother’s yard. I am happy when I see my clover flowers.

Oh, I got a Kayak. I must have Kayaked with Janet (my neighbor) many, many times this summer!

I think that sums up the summer. Many individual events happened. I blog about those during the dark winter days. (Friday, Nov 9 will bring our first freeze!)


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