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The power of (good) photography


Bryan and I are “softly” shopping for our retirement home. We go through this periodically, and this week we are in Sherman, Texas. Some list says its one of the best places in Texas to retire. As you may know, I love Texas. But it is a real Love-Hate relationship – love lots of stuff but OMG -the summers. So, we want 4(ish) seasons. Sherman and the surrounding area seems to fit the bill.

We’ve found 3 properties we are going to look at this week, all acreage with a small house. (Picture that – me on a tractor.) I called my real estate GUY (you know, the “i’ve got a GUY”) who I work for occasionally to set me up and rep us as a buyers agent. But this post isn’t about that.

This post is about the fact that every single listing has abysmal photographs. EVERY SINGLE LISTING. The landscapes, pretty easy – don’t blow out the sky, make sure the grass is green, saturate the colors. oooh, pretty. But really, the interior photographs? the lines are crooked, the houses are covered in clutter, the angle of view is too narrow. Its nuts.

As mentioned before, we do some work for my real estate GUY. We photograph his houses for him. I get the address, we schedule an appropriate time making sure the house is tidy & clean, the yard is tidy and clean and finally, making sure all technical aspects of the photography itself is correct. Do we cost him a bit more than than him doing it himself? Yes, you bet. But remember, this is marketing. It’s deductible, and if it pays off, it pays off big.

According to my GUY, once I give him the photographs, and he lists the property, he has it sold within 2 weeks. I think it may be shorter, but don’t make me lie. We had one go longer, but it had other problems.

Many of the houses that we saw on the sight: listed for over 3 months. Just food for thought.


(P.S.  Who is my GUY? Only the biggest real estate agent in San Antonio. Christopher Thompson of Realty Force. His number is 210-739-9244. Give him a call! He is delightful!)

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  1. First impressions are everything and when’s property is priced appropriately and I have you guys put your magic touch on it, the homes average 4 days on the market. I appreciate the kind words but I appreciate your talents even more! Thanks and please don’t leave me.

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