Terms and Conditions

Money Back?!

I’ve got a good friend who is a lawyer. He’s one of the most honest men I know. His tag line is: We plan for the unexpected and anticipate the unknown.
SnowPro Photography takes great care to consider, plan and execute a  commissioned/custom portrait. It is, after all, a representation of you and your family for many years to come. The talent, education and technical expertise are a rare combination in today’s technologically savvy world. The abundance we live with today makes high-end photography equipment available to anyone with the means to acquire it. We firmly believe that owning the equipment isn’t what makes a great portrait or landscape. It’s the interaction between subject and photographer combined with the knowledge of when NOT to press the shutter. And while Dawn is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop (CS3), SnowPro photographers would rather capture the image correctly at the moment of shutter release than to try to fix it in the digital darkroom. And even after all images are processed and finessed to SnowPro’s rigorous standards, we will only print to the professional photographic printing labs that meet our requirements for quality, color balance, archival processes, and copyright protection.
Money back guarantee limits: People have different opinions of beauty and sometimes possess an internal vision of themselves that does not reside in reality. This is why the planning session is so important. We will strive to create a collaborative portrait session that reflects your inner vision, but refunds will not be given because “you simply don’t like the way they turned out”. If it deemed a good likeness of you by an uninterested 3rd party acceptable by both of us, then no refund is applicable. Any fees payable to this third-party will be payable by you.

  • First: Reshooting of the session.
  • Refunds requested in writing.
  • Refunds will be only for amount paid.
  • Refunds via return of your check or a SnowPro check if your check has cleared or cash (for cash payment) and mailed not later than 30 days after formal request. In order to keep costs down, credit card refunds made in one of the above manners instead of crediting your card.
  • Refunds will only be made to person who paid.
  • Since family & personal portraiture is a commissioned and custom art work, refunds are not made after ordering or delivery of products.
  • Refunds are honored only after meeting all requirements listed above and rescheduling is impossible.

Ordering your portraits

Online galleries are only for commercial clients. For family and personal, beauty portraiture sessions: No portraits are available for viewing online unless an order is made during the order session.  Those online galleries will be available for choosing/ordering for 30 days after uploading. If you are not able to order before this time, there is a 50.00 charge to recreate your order gallery.