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The state of all things …

Last year was a year of introspection for me. My family had some serious health issues (that we overcame, thankfully) and in order to help with this challenge, I scaled way back on my photography business.

In addition, Bryan and I have been talking for years about leaving San Antonio, and ultimately Texas, if we found a property to build our retirement home on.  We did!

The house on the left is our nearest neighbor, the hill directly behind us is where we will build!

So, it is with a heavy heart, that I am saying good bye to the commercial part of SnowPro Photography. I just processed the last portraits I created for my neighbors and I will not be taking any more projects on for other people.

When my daughter wanted to study commercial graphic design, I said,  “Okay, but understand that in doing so, you will be expending your creative energy to further someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision.” Providing a service, such as photography, is the same thing. I was always at someone’s event, covering that or creating a portrait for someone that I really didn’t have a stake in (except to have the next job come in.)

What does the next phase hold for me? Right now, concentrating on getting my current home/studio ready to sell and divesting of items I do not need. Next, building my new home. And finally, art. Will photography be part of it? Yes! I have many personal projects that i have been saving for such time, and ideas galore. So, be patient with me my friends. This blog will end up being a journal of the current state of things.


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