Since April . . .

As seen in my last post, we moved in. I could breathe again.

Here it is in late July, and we are actually unpacked except 1 room. I still need window blinds upstairs, and to hang pictures and photos on the wall. I am still moving furniture around. This week, I even started to reorganize the south porch.

My parents came in first and we had such a great visit.  I think they had a great time. It was my dad’s birthday (he turned 82!), and we took them to Branson to see a Glen Cambell tribute show. We borrowed a 4 seater ATV to take them around the property.  The wildflower daisies were blooming then and mom even commented on how pretty they were.

Our daughter, Lauren, came next and stayed (too short a time) a week. We went hiking at Grand Gulf State Park and tried some new KETO recipes. We took both to Mammoth Spring State Park for the grand walk around the Spring.

After they left, whew. I had a hard time getting back into it. I’m not sure if I have yet. June brought the distraction of fabulous lightning storms, and we got to photograph those. Just settling in & planning the Observatory.

Enjoy the photos. More later!


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