Services offered and Studio Policies

Services offered and Studio policies

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Business to business or commercial photographic services available, contact me for a customized quote.

At SnowPro Photography we concentrate on capturing the relationships that make your family yours. We love to create images that not only capture this moment in time, but to capture who you are at this point in your life. We love to visit the places that are special to you to create portraits that will tell the story of your family in that place and time.
Special Events: SnowPro Photography does NOT cover weddings. We are pleased to say that we are the photographer of choice for many corporate events and editorial photographic projects. If you need a quote on your next project or upcoming event, please contact me. I will be happy to provide a quote.

Studio portrait sessions start at $150.00 | Location portrait sessions start at $200.00

Some locations require a non-refundable/non-transferable photography permit fee. Minimum investment is required: The session fee is to be paid a the time of booking.
What if I have to cancel? SnowPro would rather work to create a great portrait for you! A 50% deposit is typically collected at the time of booking to hold your time. If you have to cancel, SnowPro will refund 100% of your deposit only up to 2 weeks prior to your session. After that time, your session deposit is forfeit. If you cancel for any reason the day of your session, the deposit is forfeit and the remaining 50% will be billed, unless a rescheduled appointment is made that day. If you reschedule for a different time, 25% of any of the fees collected would be credited for any print purchase resulting from your photography session.

What do I get with a portrait session?

You get a pre-planning session: a time to talk about what you want as well as go over wardrobe and styling advice. We are pleased to spend as much time as necessary to get the images you want at the location you want. (Some locations require a site use fee. If you desire your portraits to be made in such a venue, that fee is payable by you.) You get print credits of $45.00 with each session to spend anyway you choose on products that you design. In the unlikely scenario that your images are unusable due to the photographer's technological error, SnowPro will reshoot at a time of your choosing. If that is not possible, you will get a full refund.
What is the minimum investment? The minimum investment (50% to hold the session appointment time, payable at the time of booking) protects the photographer’s invested time and talents and your images. Balance is due on the session date or before. We accept all credit cards as well as cash and checks! Antique or damaged photo restoration also available. Contact me to discuss. All prices are F.O.B. San Antonio, Texas.
In acknowledgment of today’s very busy schedules near real time proofing is used in studio. It is available for location sessions as well, when asked for at the time of booking. We will not deliver portraits that are unretouched. Only after your choices are made will any retouching take place. When designing a professional portrait or a family heirloom, each project has intrinsict historical value. So, we will be happy to come to your home or office to help you choose your images. We will help you in your matting and framing decisions as well as choosing customized art effects that can be applied to your base portrait to make it uniquely yours.

Studio Copyright Policies

"After you take my portrait, I want to have the digital file so I can make reprints. It is, after all, my face so isn't it my picture?" This is a great question. I get it all the time... The answer: yes and no. First, a couple of simple definitions:

Copyright: an exclusive bundle of rights belonging to the copyright owner.
Copyright Owner: the person who authored the work. The moment the shutter is released and the image is fixed to the recording medium or the moment the pencil marks the paper, the subsequent final image is owned by that creator. (The U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 - Title 17 of the United States Code).

Reprinted from Friends of Active Copyright Education website:
There are six exclusive rights that belong to artists and photographers as copyright owners, four of which usually apply directly to works of visual art:

  • To reproduce the copyrighted work;

  • To prepare derivative works based on the copyrighted work;

  • To distribute copies or phonorecords of the copyrighted work to the public;

  • To display the copyrighted work publicly&

In a nutshell ... So, yes, they are images of you or your family, but the files or films containing those images belong exclusively to SnowPro Photography. Strictly speaking, they are SnowPro Photography's business assets. SnowPro Photography does not give or sell away complete rights of any works the studio (Bryan or Dawn) creates. It is solely our intention to protect our creative works and in doing so, our reputation as professional photographers. (SnowPro Photography respects your right to privacy as well as our rights to display. If you do not want us to display your image on our website, let us know.) There are avenues for which you, as a subject of any photographer, can gain limited rights to any of the four specified rights. Ask us how.

Money Back?!

I've got a good friend who happens to be a lawyer. He's one of the most honest men I know. His tag line is: We plan for the unexpected and anticipate the unknown.

That statement is driving this entry. SnowPro Photography takes great care to consider, plan and execute a portrait that is commissioned. It is, after all, going to be a representation of you and your family for many years to come. The talent, education and technical expertise are a rare combination in today's technologically savvy world. The abundance we live with today makes high end photography equipment available to anyone with the means to acquire it. We firmly believe that owning the equipment isn't what makes a great portrait or landscape. It's the interaction between subject and photographer combined with the knowledge of when NOT to press the shutter. And while Dawn is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop (CS3), SnowPro photographers would rather capture the image correctly at the moment of shutter release than to try to fix it in the digital darkroom. And even after all is processed and finessed to SnowPro's rigorous standards, we will only print to the professional photographic printing labs that meet our requirements for quality, color balance, archival processes, and copyright protection.
Money back guarantee limits: People have different opinions of beauty and sometimes possess an internal vision of themselves that does not reside in reality. This is why the planning session is so important. We will strive to create a collaborative portrait session that reflects your inner vision, but refunds will not be given because "you simply don't like the way they turned out". If it deemed to be a good likeness of you by an uninterested 3rd party acceptable by both of us, then no refund will be made. Any fees payable to this third party will be payable by you.

  • Refunds will be only for amount paid.

  • Refunds will only be made to person who paid.

  • Refunds will be made only after all requirements listed above are met and rescheduling is impossible.

  • Refunds will be made via return of your check or a SnowPro check if your check has cleared or cash (for cash payment) and mailed not later than 30 days after formal request. In order to keep costs down, credit card refunds will be made in one of the above manners instead of crediting your card.

    Ordering your portraits

    No appointment for a portrait session (except executive) will be scheduled until after the photographer and the client(s) have a planning session.
    No PROOFS will be made available for viewing unless invoice is Paid in Full. Online galleries will be available for choosing/orderingfor 30 days after uploading. If you are not able to order before this time, there is a 50.00 charge to recreate your order gallery.