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One of the recent times I was visiting my mom’s house, she handed me a stack of old family photos. She asked if I could “do anything” with them. I said that I’d give it a shot.

Here are the first few:

This is my dad with my brother, Scott. I think my dad was 19 here!

My dad with my bro again, this time he’s putting my bro to work for his ice cream. (My mom still makes home-made ice cream!!) This was taken at the most magical place, my grandmother Olga’s house in Cedar Rapids, IA. They are sitting on the back stoop. Grandma and Grandpa later enclosed the stoop and made it weather tight. It was a fun place to play in!


2 thoughts on “Restorations

  1. You’re gooooood! But with all those Photoshop chops you could have removed the cigarette!

    1. Dude! But it wouldn’t have been real! The fact that he put those cigs down 15 years ago, still wants them, but doesn’t give in is a big accomplishment.

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