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Restorations, next

My Dad (seated) with his big brother, Marvin. (I’m not sure if Marvin ever smiled! and then there’s the time when Marvin pushed my pop out of a 2nd story window… just sayin’)

This next one is my mom, (the little one), her older sister, Marilyn, my grandmother, Olga and my grandfather, Fred. Its funny to look at: my mom looks exactly like my daughter, Lauren when she was at that age. Marilyn looks just like her second daughter, Sarah. I’ve seen the expression on Olga’s face on my mother’s face. It’s a kind of, “omg, take the photo already. What a contraption! I’ve got work to do!” My mom says that white fuzzy spot in the front is her dog Ring running toward the photographer (we think it may be my uncle, Francis.)

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