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An activity like this is NOT for the feint of heart.

It has been an eventful couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve posted anything since mid-August and for that, I’m sorry, but I’ve been back and forth & to and fro!

The foundation is done, finally. We broke ground early August and were so excited to get going. I had not yet heard from the people who we were getting to build our barn, which was unusual. We needed to be out of the RV Park by the end of September and that barn was integral to our plans! Knowing their timeline was 6-8 weeks, and I turned in the signed contract 2 weeks prior, we would just make that deadline. So, I called. I’m glad I did. Apparently, after having many calls with them to determine what my needs were and telling them I would be returning their contract, signed, the next day, I sent them the unsigned copy by mistake and they thought I was wasting their time.

When I called, the woman who I spoke to, let’s call her Jennifer, said she gets so many people “kicking tires” and that my email ended up in the spam folder. (wow). But, at this point, I had 4 weeks to get a barn built and I was in for a pound (as they say). So, I talked her into a 4-week timeframe and sent her the correct file. She did say, “weather permitting” a lot. In addition, I told her that I would be sending her an email outlining everything we spoke about, and asked if she would respond to that email please, to ensure she didn’t have me in the Spam filter. She said yes.

So, we were off. The next thing I needed to be sure of if the barn was late we could stay a bit longer. The park owners (who live at the park year-round) said yes! So, we were golden.

One of the requirements of the barn was the lowest height clearance on the lean-to. This could not be lower than 12.5 feet. Jennifer and I spoke about this verbally in June and she amended the contract to reflect not the clearance but a change in roof pitch. (Mistake 1).

Seriously, “weather permitting” was what she said! So, color me surprised when we received a call from them around August 28.  Due to Hurricane Harvey, they couldn’t send crews to South Texas and could they deliver our barn in about a week? Well, yes! Our electricity (which they needed) wasn’t in yet, and we needed to arrange for a generator.

Our anniversary was the next Wednesday, and we celebrated with lunch with some San Antonio friends in the area (Rick and Janice Frankenburger) and dinner with Janette Ralston, my BFF living near St. Louis now. What was awesome was that all three of these folks were at our wedding! Janette actually played the piano and sang! (Have I mentioned she is a fabulous soprano?)

Bryan and I rushed back home after Janette treated us to a fabulous dinner in Lake of the Ozarks.

We met the construction crew on Sept 4 (Labor Day) and showed them where our property was located. They started bright and early on Sept 5 and finished on Sept 6. Our builder, Scott Stevens, saved the day by delivering a generator (which we wouldn’t have needed if our schedule hadn’t been accelerated!) and the quick-crete on Tuesday morning.

In the next few days, the foundation was framed up and poured. Next the stem walls and footings were poured. Woolsey well service also finished up installing our water well pump and tank in the barn.

Scott finished up the wall footings last week, where we would have a 4.5-foot space under the house. Not really a basement but a place that is accessible for our equipment (AC, etc.).

This shot shows the two wall foundations. The inner one is for the outside walls, the outside one is the edge of our porches.

Last week, the concrete was cured enough to start to fill the porch cavity with gravel. We did move the 5er onto our property on Sept 26 and I found religion all over again while dragging our 5er up a steep gravel driveway. It was very stressful.

This has gone on long enough, and in part two, I will explain this picture:

Mistake #1

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