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Happy Anniversary!

Oh, dear! I forgot my parent’s anniversary. It was this past week, and I’ve been doing lots of stuff – between my own projects and this family photo restoration project… It just slipped my mind.

As a treat, I just finished this. I love this candid, street photography! The look on my mom’s face (my niece, Kat Hensch has that same facial structure and I’ve seen that look on her!)  I hope it works for making up for my slip up! I have heard that my dad was a “bad-boy” and my mom was so smitten! I think its funny that they aren’t holding hands! Too cool for that! I think this was taken around 1953. I think my mom was about 14, so I think, my dad was about 16! I remember, too, after we moved to San Antonio, Dad chasing Mom through the house and into the yard for a tickle fest. All us kids jumped in the middle that that too! Now, he gives her love songs for Valentines Day.

(Slide the vertical bar left and right to compare the repairs.)


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Technology helps to save memories from disintegration.

    1. Tis true, Todd! But, you gotta know WHAT to do.. kind a like the plumber choosing the right wrench and knowing where to put it on!

  2. Great work, looks awesome!

  3. Ok now you’ve made me cry….What a wonderful restoration…yes…smitten isn’t strong enough….head over heels

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