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{epitome} Contemporary Portraiture

Seeing beauty. Making beauty. By women for women. Isn’t that what we are after? As an artist, I strive to find beauty everywhere. When I started making portraits (in the corporate world) I worked at making everyone who found themselves in front of my lens shine. I found beauty in all of them, male or female. My experiences making portraits of everyday people doing extra-ordinary things has helped me hone my beauty seeking skills. I want to help you see that within yourself. We will be with you the entire time, styling you, pampering you, posing you, directing you. Helping you to see your best self. Don’t you deserve that? Have a special theme in mind? We can do that!

Can I bring my family? My Husband? My Hunny? My partner? You bet! They are welcome to come for portraits too!

$350.00 will ensure that you have the best experience possible. Hair and Makeup not included.

Do I have to have hair and makeup or a makeover? No, but then, you won’t have the whole experience. I can still make portraits for you, they would just be “headshots”. Check out my Portrait Services page for more information.

Complete portrait service includes:

  1. First we start with coffee or tea. My treat. We discuss who you are, were or want to be.  Your dreams, ambitions. Your favorite color, flowers, music. We get to know each other!
  2. Following shortly thereafter, we start to hone in on the wardrobe choices and what your style or concept is; as these portraits are meant to be heirloom and legacy. Nothing too trendy, too risqué.
  3. Come for the session with clean face and hair!
  4. Hair and Makeup/Makeover is included.
  5. The session will take as long as it takes. We will have fun and you will feel as wonderful as you look! (I defy you to walk out of my studio feeling down after hearing “fabulous” or “awesome” or “beauty” after each shot!)
  6. In a few weeks, you will return to the studio for an ordering session. These images are meant to be held. To be cherished and passed down. With the paid session, you will receive 1 print & digital for sharing via social media or email (same) image.
  7. Because you asked: digitals are part of the delivery: for every image you order, you get that digital.

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