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Photography: Where to start?

Photography is a fascinating career. However, if you are just starting out with an interest in taking photos, the question sometimes arises – “What types of photos should I take?” This is not such an unusual question, after all, there are a multitude of interests in which photography can play an integral part. I usually divide photo-topics into three separate categories: People, Places, and Things. In fact, all my images are divided into these three file folders.


Bob Hotard
Bob Hotard

In order to begin to fill up this file folder you first have to honestly answer a very important question – “Do I like people?”. While this question may seem like a silly one, it should be answered. Are you a people person? Do you like meeting new people and enjoy making new friends and relationships? Are you the type of person who starts up casual conversations with people with whom you are sharing a checkout line, or waiting for a bus? If you are, then photographing people should be a natural direction for you. This type of photography could involve Portraits, Events, Photojournalism, Fashion, and many other styles that involve your camera and people’s faces, bodies, clothes and gatherings. It’s all about people. And, since there are over 7 billion people currently residing on this planet, you will run out of time before you exhaust the targets that your camera can photograph.


Panorama made by Bryan Snow of SnowPro Photography. All rights reserved, (c)2010-2014
Panorama made by Bryan Snow of SnowPro Photography. All rights reserved, (c)2010-2014

This file folder is easy for me to fill. I like to record beautiful places, places that fill me with joy and bring tears to my eyes. I have been fortunate to travel many places, Taiwan, England, Ireland, Venice, Rome, but the most beautiful places that stir my passions are the National Parks in the U.S. If you love traveling, then this type of photography is certainly for you. In fact, this is an all-inclusive style that unites, people, places, and things in your repertoire of targets, and can be deposited in any of the three file folders. But for some, this type of photography boils down to what is referred to as Landscape Photography. This is the style we see from such greats as Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, David Muench, and others whose books line the photography shelves in numerous libraries throughout the country. Some landscape photography concentrates on the grand sweep of nature and is best photographed with wide and ultra-wide lenses. Some landscape photography zeros in on the lichens, flowers, and the smaller, more intimate aspects of nature’s realm. Much of the landscape photography we see lies somewhere in between, and, depending on which part of the landscape the composition highlights, can concentrate on the sky, mountains, trees, water, or any number of features that can be found in any number of locations.


Illustrative studio work

This file folder can contain just about anything that isn’t predominately people and places, and can include images of birds, beasts, and natural and man-made “things”. “Product Photography” can have it’s own sub-folder under “Things”, and can include products that clients need to advertise. These may be, but are certainly not limited to, Jewelry, clothes, kitchen utensils, sunglasses, soft drinks, Bourbon, automobiles, and anything that a client may need to photograph for advertisement. Another folder may include aircraft, boats, bicycles, or ceramic vases. The “Things” folder can become quite large with numerous sub-folders that all count as “Things”. As this article points out, photography has a wealth of targets just waiting to be “shot”. One thing that you should do first, sometimes even before you invest in a “good” camera, is to decide what type or style of photography you enjoy. Usually, this is pretty easy. You ask yourself, “What type of photography do I like to see?”. Once you determine your preference, it will drive everything else you do or buy in your quest to make the images that inspire you the most.

-Bryan Snow

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An Invitation

Just a quick post of what Bryan and I are up to this weekend. We’d like to invite you all to come to the On and Off Fredricksburg Road Studio Tour. We are thrilled to be included as  guest artists in this 8th year of this wonderful art walk.

We have worked on this series on display at Deco Pizzaria (located at 1815 Fredericksburg Rd. in the heart of the Deco District, 210.732.DECO) for the past two years.

About the series:

In this fine art photographic series, we explore the inner beauty of flowers. Each unique bloom is filled with fantastic color and texture. Since one cannot see these views with the naked eye, the Snows use special photographic equipment to help capture these sensual images, making the small details into works of art. Creating these intimate portraits stretched and ignited their imaginations — they hope viewing them does the same for you.

Georgia O’Keefe said it best:

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.
I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower.
I want them to see it whether they want to or not.”

So, take a moment to stop and “smell” the flowers this weekend at the Deco District.

Preview of our show (this images are suspended in the windows of Deco Pizzaria and at a minimum are 20 x 30 inches.) You have to see them!

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Laguna Vista Ranch project

We just got back from spending some time down in Pearsall, Tx. We worked on a photographic project for an exotic wildlife ranch. Recently known as Knowles Laguna Vista Ranch, the new owners, Clark Keeshan and Sally Maxwell-Keeshan renamed the ranch to be simply: Laguna Vista Ranch. This place is 1500 acres of wonderful Texas wilderness. From wildebeasts, scimitar horned oryx, axis deer, elk, whitetail and zebra abound! They have a herd of bison, too!


In addition to their exotic animals, they have some “pets” that they just love! There are the two tigers: Willie and Waylon and the leopard: Hunter. They also rescued an antelope of some sort – but I cannot (for the life of me) remember what kind it is! These animals are used to people and will interact with you! (Keep your hands out of the big cat’s reach – good advice!)


They are working on their new website, and new opportunities to share their space. After we did some dusk photography, Sally served us her famous Cuban Chicken dish with plantains for dinner.  I must get that recipe. We stayed in the “Colorado” room – decked out in antique ski gear and rustic ski decor. Very comfortable, indeed.

After a good night’s sleep, we arose early and met Clark (after filling our mugs with coffee) out in the common area so he could take us to one of the many hunting blinds so we could do our own hunting but with our cameras.  The herds of elk, fallow deer, bison and oryx were out in force. It was a beautiful morning, although the wind kicked up and the clouds blew in. After about 3 hours, we returned to the lodge, and Sally had breakfast ready. Everything was so delicious.

If you are looking for a quick get away – even if you do not hunt – this IS the place to get away. They have a beautiful place situated on top of of the highest point around, perfect to view the sunset or the sunrise from their perfectly appointed patio, swimming pool or hot tup… Look for info about them at their website: (We are planning on hosting a photography seminar and safari in the near future! So excited!)

Yes, the photos there are ours (theirs’!) and they have their work cut out picking out new ones. We created a library of over 1000 images for them. I can’t wait to see it finished.



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Find a way . . .

Macrophotography of Baby's Breath blossom.
Macrophotography of Baby’s Breath blossom.

“Either I will find a way, or I will make one.”
— Philip Sidney

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Success at the Botanical Center

Expecting JOY!
Expecting JOY!

Success! The Botanical Center is so nicely decorated for the season (October) and we spent a nice afternoon walking, talking and making great images for Joel and Claudia. I hope you enjoy this. In south central Texas, the blooms just keep coming! In a few weeks, I think we have another “bloom” to look forward to. Right, Claudia?