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The more things change, the more they stay the same

I’ve been considering what to do. When to do it.

Contemporary Beauty Portraiture
Contemporary Beauty Portraiture

I have such a passion for what I do (nearly) every day. I love making portraits. I love people’s faces. I love figuring the ways to light, to mold, to sculpt with light and shadow. The proper way to light someone is to light not only their “outsides” – but to enlighten their insides. People of all shapes, sizes and ages have all sat for me, and all have been astonished of the beauty we discovered. There is nothing like watching someone who doesn’t (has never?) feel wonderful about themselves discover how others see them. The astonishment grows slowly across their face, resulting many times in tears.

Through some outside forces to SnowPro, I started to concentrate less on commercial work and more on women’s beauty portraiture. Last year, we (my clients and I) created some beautiful images. I rediscovered my heart in photography through this endeavor. But, alas, I must put this aside. Family and life changes have become priority and other choices have been made. I’ve made them.

Personal Branding
Personal Branding

At this point, we have a few Commercial portrait sessions scheduled, but I will not be looking to book more after March. Going forward,  I will only be accepting very specific commissions based on the type of art I want to create.

We will still work with our small business partners who book us regularly for products and places, but I will be turning my focus to the home front this year.

20x30, framed., 612.00
In the shop!

I encourage you to look at our shop, right now, as we have a variety of landscapes, mission work and Italy. More images will be added everyday. If you need a different size, let me know. Future products will include stationary and note cards featuring our work and other cool items.


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{epitome} Contemporary Portraiture

We’ve come to a decision. After some consideration, writing and brainstorming with friends and family (because nothing happens in a vacuum) e-Sessions is becoming {epitome} Contemporary Portraiture.

Check out the new branding:

Epitome Contemporary Portraiture
Epitome Contemporary Portraiture New logo
New signature and colors (although the yellow isn’t quite right…)


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Meet Katie Clark

Katie in her essence.. her indomitable grace and spirit just oozes!
Katie in her essence.. her indomitable grace and spirit just oozes!

Many times in our lives we meet people who are awesome. Just quietly awesome. They do not demand your attention. But, darn it, you end up thinking about them for a variety of reasons. I met just such a person last year. I was volunteering for a political organization and through my community organizer, I met Katie. Actually, she is the organizer’s wife. Don’t get me wrong, I feel that her husband is a force to be reckoned with – and will go FAR, but Katie matches his enthusiasm pound-for-pound with incredible quiet grace and commitment. She is a special education teacher, just finished with her time with the Teach for America program where she taught in the poorest and most overlooked neighborhoods. She is, in truth, a compassionate, strong young woman with a bright future.

Alex (her husband) called me this year (I did their family portraits last year) with an idea for their 3rd anniversary. I was in the midst of changing the way I create individual portraits from the cookie cutter, 3 light – set up to a simpler, more natural set up and I said “sure!   . . .  If I can shoot in this new style, as it involves a bit more ‘input” from the client and what we end up with are closer to fine art images. The final product, printed carefully on fine art paper is likened to a fine art print.” More pretty, less casual. More planned, less contrived.

So, she came over one Saturday after we planned her wardrobe and her style. She came armed with a couple of beautiful dresses, and clean face and hair. Since they had opted for the “full treatment” we hired a hair and make-up artist, Sierra Scerato,  from Hair Refinery Studio to come to create some different looks. We had a nice afternoon, Katie, Sierra and I, just being girls!! (Alex came after for some executive portraits and of course, the requisite couples portraits. We missed their black lab, Ann!)

Here is a short video I created of all my favorites:

If you would like to book a session with me, feel free to contact me!

If you would like more information on this type of photography and what I am offering, click here!

e-Session request

  • e-Sessions are a special session and can take a long time to plan, execute and to deliver. Please choose the first date for your planning meeting.




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e-Sessions by SnowPro Photography

As I said in a previous post: “bear with me”. I hope the wait was worth it.

I have taken a little time away, both from the work-a-day world and from SnowPro to catch my breath. Upon my return to this country, I embarked on a different path. This is the path to explore the feminine and the strength and soul found within. Here is what I’ve discovered so far.

Classic Lauren
Classic Lauren

What is “e”?

Elegant. Enchanting. Exquisite. Exclusive.

I am calling these sessions “e-Sessions by SnowPro” as a transitional identifying mark. What do I mean by e-Sessions? Its just a way to differentiate what I am creating today from my more commercial projects.  It may change in the future, or stay the same. (update: I have changed the name.) I don’t know yet.

Currently, I am a pretty laid back photographer – one to deliver proofing online for your viewing & ordering pleasure.  With this hands off approach, I never knew how my clients experienced the initial viewing. How the images were and are received and worst still, if they had any feedback (positive or negative) to offer. I was just a person to take their pictures. Sure, I tried to make the experience as pleasant as possible and to deliver prints at a level that delight. But at some point, the sessions were just fulfilling someone else’s ideas of quality. Not mine. Photography, and especially Portrait photography takes time and control which means planning. And this new style will take planning. And you, as my future client, will be very involved (see the ‘exclusive’ in the sub-title). By planning, we will create images that will not only capture your likeness at this time in your life, but also your being, especially if you bring someone else to experience this with you (husband, daughter, sibling, mother, partner or even your BFF).

The first meeting will be one where I get to meet you, to spend time with you discussing who and what you are. To see any “visual aids” you can think of to help me create for you. These can be a photo of your favorite dress, a page torn out of a magazine or even a pic on your phone. We will discuss the process and the expectations at length and leave with a schedule of the session day and the reveal day for you.

Each of the steps takes time.

Step 1. Estimate 1.5 hours for the planning session. This should be done at your place, so I can see your favorite dresses and we can really see what wardrobe we have to work with. I can offer ideas and get those creative juices flowing.

Step 2. Estimate 3-5 hours including Hair and Makeup.  This is done at the studio or another suitable place. The photography itself will take the least amount of time. But changing, talking,  . . .   well, the experience is more of a girls’ afternoon of snacks and dress-up. Remember those days? This can be as soon as the day after the planning meeting to as long as 2 weeks after the planning meeting.

Step 3. Reveal day! You (and your partner) will come to the studio to see the session favorites – completely retouched and finished. Printed and Matted. No more proofing online, no more submitting orders online wondering if the order went through. No more unanswered questions.

See? I’ve upped my game. I am promising to deliver portraits that defy the self image you hold. Images that you would be proud to hang on your wall, to pass down to your family and give to your friends.

Wow. That’s a lot. And I have a headache… but I am very excited. I will be reaching out to all those who have agreed to be my models in the next 2 weeks. I thought I would be ready to start the sessions this June, but it will have to be in July.

Download the e-Sessions Welcome pdf here. It contains a bit more information and details.



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A woman’s point of view

my portrait, not smiling really big.

Last week, my company was tapped to help to create over 400 head shots. Kind of a cattle call situation. So, me and my second headed down to the convention center to set up for the two days. The first day, the four photogs worked side by side, with the queues lining up all around us. I wore my normal work clothes: a SnowPro shirt and slacks. Since I have to lug gear to and fro, handle the major set up, this is the safest and most practical. Safe to my modesty and practical because these things can be strenuous and sweaty.

The first day of shooting came and went. (Simply said, but I was exhausted.) The second day came. As I was choosing my clothes for the day, I thought I’d run an experiment. I wore a dress. Shocking for those of you who know me — but yes, I actually have legs! Anyway, something interesting happened. Midway through the second day shoot, I looked back at the queue and found mostly women. And then I started hearing women say: oh, look. A woman photographer! Let’s go to her. She’ll “KNOW.”

And indeed I do. Women of all ages need to have some special attention. I personally do NOT like to pose for photographs. “Oh, don’t smile that that!”  or  worse: “You look so pretty when you smile.” Well, maybe we don’t want to smile. Maybe, we are having a shitty day and it is not our job to make you feel better. Instead, it could be your “job” to share your smile with us to help us out. In addition to that tired old problem, a woman just knows what other women want to be featured and NOT featured. Hair smoothed, colors correct, all buttons closed, no gaps … Not all  “out there.”  You know what I mean.

 I did more women than men that day.  Just something I’ve been thinking about.