Baby steps and one big set back…

Last week (our second week here) had us running around, going to Springfield (twice in one week) for some business and getting more acquainted with our new surroundings.

We looked at a big old house in Thayer with the thought of buying it and moving it. This beautiful old Victorian (wrap around porches) was built in 1908 but updated about 13 years ago by adding a bathroom downstairs and updating the kitchen to the tune of $100K. I had never stood in a $100K kitchen before. This one was pretty spectacular! Even at the reduced price they wanted ($175K), to move it would be another 100K. So, that was a bit beyond our budget. This house was quite the house at 6100 sq ft. And this wasn’t all. There is a second house on the lot that was going as part of the deal.

But, as I said, it was a bit beyond our budget.

Wait… “Why?” You ask?

We received a phone call while we were driving here from the guy who we wanted to build for us. He backed out – again. Not sure if it was his health or if our plans were too much for him to handle. (I am not assuming, he said he wasn’t sure if he could handle it!) So, while we were waiting to meet with the next guy on our list we decided to research this option.

We met with the drive way guy (last month) who approved the placement of our new driveway. We called the Mills Bros who will be installing the driveway and called the utility (Mo-1Call) to mark the utilities. There is only one utility out there, Windstream Communications with FO and Tel – cool – looks like I’ll have FO (could this be Fiber optics?) out in the boonies! They marked it the day after I called, but as of today, our driveway isn’t done. I’ve got 2 20ft culvert pipes waiting on them.

Last week, while going over our budget yet again, Bryan found a huge error. Remember – I am not really a number’s gal. … “I just stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.” Any hoo – suffice to say – this error was not in our favor and we decided to ditch the plans we had designed for us. No to the Oak Alley look alike… just too much moola. In the most secret part of my heart, I think I am pretty relieved. It really was too much house, weighing in at 3200 sq ft. We were supposed to be downsizing.  We had met with this new builder last week and he had our plans to work up a price, but I called him last weekend and said, “Save yourself the effort – it’s off the table due to an error in calculating our budget.” Luckily, I had caught him before he dove into it, so the timing was on our side.

Yesterday, we dove back into the design phase and came up with something we both like. At around 2400 sq ft, it fits the bill and if he comes back with the numbers he alluded to today, we can do it with room to spare. (Like how I did that little play on words?)

Anyway, we took him to the property today and we discussed where to put the house. And get this: if he comes back with a budget we can live with, he can break ground next week! Woot!!

We just bearly got back to the Chipmunk Crossing park (our home away from home) when I received a call from Shane, the guy who will drill our well. He wanted to meet to place the well! Well! That is good news. So, we headed back out and found an excellent spot for the well head. Water is everywhere under ground, and he feels we will hit a good source at about 320ft. Wow.

So, next week, I will be writing checks and getting all started. We may not be in the 5th wheel as long as I thought. Good thing, too, as Bryan and I can get a little testy with each other.


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