A 50th reunion

My husband, Bryan’s 50th high school reunion was last night. We had such a great time reconnecting with so many people.  Bryan went to an all boys Catholic school LaSalle High School in San Antonio, TX. LaSalle High School was located downtown and run by the Christian Brothers. Since they had sports teams, they also needed cheer leaders. What I found interesting was that they had two sister schools: St. Francis & Blessed Sacrament, both all girl Catholic schools. (For more information on these two schools, read the comments below!) Unfortunately, I don’t know any more about it, but that there were the cheerleaders that were elected by the boys of LaSalle there. In fact, there were cheerleaders there from 1963! This school closed shortly after Bryan graduated.  It was “old fashioned” I suppose.   I was honored to get to take their group photos. Without further ado, here they are.

PS: I will change the titling on the cheerleader photos to reflect the new information… thank you to all who have helped me!

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  1. La Salle actually was supported by 2 schools, St. Francis as you mentioned and Blessed Sacrament Academy (BSA). The 1968 class was the last to graduate before the school was closed down. We were told not enough teachers to go around for the other Catholic high schools. Holy Cross was almost closed down until Vicki Carr graciously did concerts to keep the school open.

  2. These are awesome photos.

    Though there are corrections. All the cheerleaders were from Blessed Sacrament Academy (BSA) and St. Francis Academy (SFA).

    Also the school was located in the Southwest side – S.W. Military Dr. and S. Zarzamora St.

    Cheerleaders were there from when the school opened from 1958-1959 til 1968 (?).

    Thank you for being there for the Class ’67

    Ms. Margaret

  3. Thanks for taking such great pictures for such a memorable night. Just a small addition/correction to your comment….Blessed Sacrament Academy, also an all girl catholic school, was also a sister school to LaSalle. We also cheered for them at all their sports. If I remember well, BSA started cheering for at the very beginning of their existence. We also had a school band, that went to all the games. St. Francis joined us soon after. In the pic of 1966-67 pic, 2 of us from BSA.

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