Packing up is hard to do…

My plan this week was to start packing. A room a day. But this week, well, we were stuck in that amber again. Before the house sale and our house cooling party, we successfully broke our inertia and started on doing smaller items. We even took a load up to West Plains! But this week…  

Monday was already booked. We had already taken the maiden voyage in the RV and found a few things to correct. One of the big things was that the kitchen slider would get wonky going in and out and in trying to solve the problem with the service manager on the phone, it became stuck OUT. We finally got it back in, and took that bad boy into the service department on Monday.

Tuesday, we cleared and cleaned out the attic (all 3 accesses) and started packing upstairs. I also listed the armoire for sale. If you cared – you’d buy it!!  And the house had its Lender’s Appraisal…

One of the things we had to do was to transfer about 2TB of data from an external drive to a new drive. OMG… for some reason, it wouldn’t stay mounted. 2 gigs at a time… suffice to say, we finished with that task today (Sunday if you are counting.) 

Wednesday, I found too many boxes of papers  – our finances from 2001… and the shredding begins. Packed more and more upstairs.  I really enjoyed going through my old sketch book (1 did survive the fire), and Lauren’s sketch books. I think I gave her a sketch book first when she was 11 or so. It was great to see how she progressed through the years. 

Just getting through all the papers and historical documents.. took until Friday. So much for a room a day! 

But today, I did empty the china cabinet AND a few of the shelves in the kitchen china cabinet. I should finish that tomorrow!

All this while, we waited for the county clerk to call. But she didn’t. I finally made the call to her on Friday, and she gave us the street address so we can call MO-DOT to get approved and permitted for a new drive way.

I called MO-DOT, and FINALLY connected with the local guy who does these things. We will be meeting him later this month at the property. Yay!

Here’s hoping next week will be more productive!





Spring in Southern Missouri

Last week, we travelled to our new “neck of the woods” to start our collection of storage facilities (okay, I am being sarcastic. And click here to see a video of the typical traffic in our new neighborhood.)

As I mentioned in my previous post we met with Jim (our one and only builder, thank God) and the two brothers he likes to work with, the Mills brothers: Andrew and Alan. These two guys will be the ones who do the “land work” – dozing and leveling both our drive way and our barn area and RV parking. In addition, they will be doing our septic work, but I am not sure when that will happen. They are truly a one stop shop!

First things first!

In talking with Andrew and Alan, we discovered that they need permission from the utilities that exist underground (the phone company) and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MO-DOT). I assumed that we would use the existing driveway at the top of the hill, but that the driveway also exists in a location on the highway that is at a hairpin curve with a steep drop to the east. Bryan and the Mills didn’t think it would be approved by MO-DOT. So, (in the hopes that there are no stupid questions) I asked, how can we get approved by MO-DOT? The answer is more complicated than it seems.

Call them, but they need a street address. 

  1. How do I get a street address (no home has ever existed on this parcel of land)?
    1. Go to the post office to talk to the post master there.
      1. Answer 1: We’ll ask the carrier, once he returns from his route to call you, and he’ll assign it.
      2. Answer 2: But we’re in the middle of computerizing the addressing system (tied into the 9-1-1 system) so that everyone can have access (to 9-1-1) so you may need to go to the county clerk’s office.

We went to have lunch and waited for the postman to finish his route. At 2, we decided to head over to the county seat and the county clerk’s office, just in case. 

The conversation at the county clerk’s went like this: 

“Hi, we’re the Snows, Bryan and Dawn. We purchased a parcel off of 142 last year and we want to start to build. We were told that we don’t need any permits for the building, is that correct?” “Yes, ma’am.”

“But we do need permission from MO-DOT for our driveway. But we do not have an address to tell them where along the highway we are! That’s why we are here.” “Your postal carrier will probably assign you an address, but it may be in the ‘9-1-1 region,’ so let me check. …. oh, yes, here you are. Is this correct?” (She showed me her computer.)


“… yes, I have your address here, but the system isn’t exact right now, so I need to put in a ticket to make sure its correct. Let me see, you don’t have a residence on it yet? Oh, then, you cannot get the address….” 

My head nearly came off. I took a breath, laughed and said, “Okay, we want to build a house on the parcel we bought, we need no permits as such, but we need to get water, electric and septic. In order to get those things we need to put in a driveway and level the appropriate areas. In order to get a drive way we need approval from MO-DOT but they need an address, but you are telling me you cannot do that because we have no house?” 

It was as if the light went off (again, because it seems as if she understood what we wanted at first.) 

“oh, yes! You want to build. There has never been a house on that parcel?”


“Okay. I’ll call you next week with your address.”


Blogging isn’t part time…

Hello everyone! I bet you are wondering where the other posts are…

They died. All of the content that I worked so hard on over the past 3 years: crashed and burned. As a photography site, photos were the life blood. Sometime last year, they started being “unavailable” even though I saw them in my WordPress media library.  When I started a new blog post last night, I only saw the files, not the thumbnails or previews. So, something crashed… the least frustrating thing I could do was to start fresh. So, I did.

A 50th reunion

My husband, Bryan’s 50th high school reunion was last night. We had such a great time reconnecting with so many people.  Bryan went to an all boys Catholic school LaSalle High School in San Antonio, TX. LaSalle High School was located downtown and run by the Christian Brothers. Since they had sports teams, they also needed cheer leaders. What I found interesting was that they had two sister schools: St. Francis & Blessed Sacrament, both all girl Catholic schools. (For more information on these two schools, read the comments below!) Unfortunately, I don’t know any more about it, but that there were the cheerleaders that were elected by the boys of LaSalle there. In fact, there were cheerleaders there from 1963! This school closed shortly after Bryan graduated.  It was “old fashioned” I suppose.   I was honored to get to take their group photos. Without further ado, here they are.

PS: I will change the titling on the cheerleader photos to reflect the new information… thank you to all who have helped me!